Es Pagos

4789 m²

The estate called “Es Payments” is a typical “possessió Mallorcan” located in the center of the island of Mallorca 38 km from Palma, in the terms of Porreres and San Juan and the road linking the first to the nearby town of Villafranca de Bonany.

It has an area of ​​about 1,700,000 mtr approx .

The core of the property corresponds to the houses of gentlmen, strategically located on a mound that dominates all the property: the houses, blocks and stores are of Majorcan typical architecture.

With its central courtyard housing owners in two wings, housing service and farmers in another wing and an approximate area of ​​4,789 square meters, it contains:

  • Horseback
  • Celler basement
  • Granary on the Celler
  • Chapel
  • Dairy, chicken coop and pigsty.
  • Garages

Until the nineteenth century “is payment” was a farm preferably cultivation of vineyards and winemaking, as well as the cultivation and production of cereal.

In addition to the chapel it was used to celebrate Mass every Sunday summer until 1998.


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Approximate location of the property :

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