Property to reform in Puigpunyent

7.400.000 € 1250 m²

This property, dated back to the 17th century, is set in a picturesque valley of incredible countryside.

The rambling architecture offers real potential to create an elegant space in the heart of the Tramuntana area.

The house is structurally sound and has an advantageous south facing position

Electricity and telephone line are already in place, providing a big saving to the total project cost.

As with all country homes in this area; an interior patio provides a central hub to fuse the various wings.

Within this breathtaking valley are almond trees, threshing areas and ancient Talayot Ruins.

Rock formations, unique to this area, surround the house and dominate the property.

Century old olive trees are abundant.

Traditional methods of lifting and storing almonds picked from the property still exist on the top floor.

The main facade boasts signs of 17th century architecture…

A sun dial embedded in the stone facing, along with the main entrance constructed with local stone.

Unbeatable views from the top of the property.

Vast areas have been cleared of pine trees, making way for native species to recuperate.

Rock formations, formally used to make coal, still exist in hidden corners.

It is possible to increase the total constructed area.

The property has its own reservoir and means to collect mountain water through a series of traditionally constructed torrents.

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