Rural property in San Rafael

45.835.000 € 2100 m² 5 rooms 5 bathrooms

The terrain is pentagonal, bordering an iron fence with approximate lengths of about 6 meters, with pillars 2 meters high, topped with capitals decorated with pineapples stepped in bronze made by hand in Sevilla.

The interior of the property is divided into nine plots; “Closed”, aimed at raising purebred Spanish horses, two of these plots are for 2,800 m2 garden. And Doma to track about 3,000 m.2.Actualmente there are 130 copies. All bounded by stone walls plastered, concrete fences imitating wood, both in form and color.

The main entrance door stands out for its 20 m.2 made entirely of wrought iron filigree from this point follows a path of about 7 meters wide rustic cobblestone where are planted more than 200 olive trees.

On both sides of the road they are closed, where there are grazing mares with their foals.

To the left is another fenced about 900 meters where foals are 1 year.

It consists of a porch of about 46 meters and access to it is through a wrought iron gate topped with watermarks.

The rest of the way surrounded by palm trees, beautiful rosebushes, lampposts and benches to sit and indulge in the wonderful views.

On the right side of the front door there is a plot of 850 m2 where the old communal village well to San Rafael with two century-old oaks.

Following the tour are several outbuildings:

The first of 60 m2 with roof tiles made of four blue waters and white, with water and electricity, limited by a circular trough, lined with stone and topped by a wrought iron Noria manchego origin of year 1920.

Bordering the garden path and found a door is the mouth of the “pier corridor” is formed by walls of stone and plaster lined inside wood, to prevent accidents with horses; as it is the vaccination area, cut mane and arrangement etc. It’s where the animals are cared for when they have to be examined by a veterinarian.

On the right side are 8 plastered stone blocks discovered in about 20 m2 each.

In the second plot are some porches or blocks without internal divisions about 7 meters wide and 50 long with Arab tile roof.

Torre bounded by a nearly circular stone-lined about 64 m2 of floor area. 12 windows with wrought iron and tile roof sand ridges 5 blue waters and white topped with a great figure of Andalusian ceramics.

Parallel to the road there is another fence of about 1,000 m2 where there is a red-tiled porch also has water and electricity.

The last enclosure is formed by a small forest of 1,900 m2 with an elevation of about 9 meters, with a gentle slope. Where other foals frolic and from which access to roost, all it surrounded by stone wall made of wrought iron as above.

On the skirt where this small forest rest also carved stone planters in full yucca and palm trees, enclosed by a gate access 20 m2. In wrought iron.

At the start of the paved road on its left side but two parcels bounded by stone walls topped by imitating wood pillars and beams they are concrete.

These two plots have an area of ​​about 12,000 m2 each, divided by a fence equipped automatic drinkers in its center topped by two huge stones of old mills that are at the base of natural stone troughs.

In the nearest track is another plot of land about 400 meters where there is a department of about 75 m2. For horses.

From the central road to the left side is the dressage arena with area of ​​3,000 m2 with a formidable three levels and drainage layer coated with rubber granules and rubber with a thickness of 20 cm. With mechanized irrigation sprinklers. This track is illuminated at night and has a large wall where there is a carved figures representing a herd of Spanish horses of 4 meters high and 100 longitudinal, designed by Hardeko.


Twenty-two blocks Eighteen of them, including automated delivery rooms troughs, each about 20 m2 The delivery rooms of 40 m2. All this is what would be called the blocks with a covered walkway and framed by arches supported by columns.

Four blocks later, near the side of the dressage arena., All it topped by a gabled roof U-shaped staircase divided by a meeting of two parallel sections that provide access to the bar and tack.

-at Front Horse Yard lined living stone of Teruel.

There is a central source of four pipes, lined inside with blue marble friezes and bronze.

-Guadarnés 40 m2.

Two rooms used for storage.

-A Bar or reception room with fireplace 40 m2.
Two additional stores in the bottom of the bar tack and one for woodshed and other implements and harnesses store ….

-zona Tiles covered with patches of about 110 m2 where there are showers with articulated arms, animal recognition area ….

-Deposits Diesel with capacity for 5.000 liters ..

-A Great ship of 370 m2 with ceiling lined with wood and gabled wooden door with details sirocco delimited by two bronze lanterns to express this door.

-Deposits Of camouflaged dung on the ground.

-Lake Artificial built on a slope, stopping point for horses and exploited during the hot months for them to take a dip and cool as it is adapted to them.

-In The area where the paved road ends found the house-dwelling Mayorales; whose location makes it a viewpoint where you can see the entire farm and the people and the Church of San Rafael whose interior is divided by a living room, bathroom, kitchen, three bedrooms tender laundry room and office. Total of 130 m2.

Master or Principal Housing

-Housing 2,100 m2 with beamed ceiling and beams of treated wood comes from old manor house 1,900 of Malaga. Wooden doors and windows of siroko.

-has Main gate in Siroko you access to two large terraces with balustrades marble trespass the second one is access to a large garden of Patiossimilar the Maria Luisa Park of Seville, on a plot of 2,400 m2, with 8 boxes with roses and carnations among others.


Description main house

  • Library of 50 m2 in carved wood craftsmanship.
  • Two bedrooms with bathroom, closet, balcony …
  • Hall of 65 m2.
  • Living room of 25 m2.
  • Dining room of 35 m2.
  • 50 m2 kitchen with pantryironing room 20 m2.
  • Backyard 200 m2 with large porches and large palm trees circular planter.
  • Garbage room.
  • boiler room.
  • Drying room 18 m2.
  • An internal staircase, with a large dome leads to the first floor where there are three bedrooms with bathroom
  • complete with different decoration each one, separate dressing rooms and terraces …….
  • 140 m2 warehouse. Interior Department wines, Round tiles and also has in its interior with an old grape press.
  • Bodega anteroom with interior arches.
  • Office 30 m2. With wooden ceiling.
  • Housing flats intended for the domestic staff of 85 m2.
  • Garage of 190 m2.
  • Large store room 350 m2.
  • Tool room 30 m2.
  • Interior gallery with paintings and modern classics.
  • Heating systems and cold air.
  • For the gas tank has 4,000-Uros
  • It has barbecue, sources of early twentieth century …
  • In the bottom of the pool is 385 m2 of water surface in white tile with waterfall designed by Hardeko of Barcelona ,, entire pool bordered by a large stone terrace in German.
  • Adjacent to the pool is called the Cactus Garden, where there is an apartment with kitchen, bar, living room and bedroom suite. About 100 m2.
  • In these gardens are a picture of tiles of 6 m2. Ignacio Gil Sala.

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